Welcome to Mahathi Game

What a year 2015 has been. We had huge success with our first auction and have had great feedback from new friends and clients we made during the past year. Thanks to Toyota and to all our other sponsors. Thanks to Victor for his collaboration with Mahathi. He has moved on to other endeavors and we wish him the best of luck.

The auction and 2015 is behind us and so lies ahead a year filled with a lot of new and exciting challenges. We are very optimistic about the year ahead. The calving season has been exceptional and with King Louis and Asterix as two new major additions to our Golden wildebeest breeding herds we cant wait to see what they add!

Rambo our Kings bull has also found a new home, and we wish Mario and his sons all of the best, he has contributed so much to our Kings herd and we are sure they will find similar success with him. A new Kings Bull has taken over from Rambo. We are keeping the bloodlines fresh, improving the genetic diversity of our herds and you can see this in the calves he is producing.

The year ahead will bring many challenges, and we advise our fellow breeders to choose the stock you buy with careful consideration and to buy from reputable breeders which can advise you not only on the quality of the animal but also on market conditions and industry factors that will influence your success as a game farmer.

Good luck for 2016, and happy farming.

The Mahathi Team.


Breeding Herds

Breeding Herds - Golden Wildebeest

Golden Wildebeest

We are proud to have produced some fantastic golden bulls and cows over the last couple of years. We have managed to get our average adult cows spread to over 20”. We focus on breeding wildebeest that have a more distinct golden colour, increasing the average spread across our whole herd, and incorporating bulls that are functionally efficient and are able to carry over their attributes well on to the next generation.

Breeding Herds - Kings Wildebeest

Kings Wildebeest

We have some of the most promising Kings Wildebeest bulls in our breeding herds. Rambo has found a new home and we have introduced Titan as the new breeding bull. The rarity and absolute beauty of Kings Wildebeest makes them some of our most beloved animals. Please have a look at some of them on the photos below.

Breeding Herds - Buffalo


Our philosophy on buffalo has always been to select animals that we thought would add value to our breeding programs. We have disregarded the different lines of Buffalo and have bought and bred a mixture of every kind of buffalo you could find. Cows are selected that calve regularly, are good mothers with decent spreads, good udders, female attributes, and good temperament. Most of our females that were sold were over 30” and we sold them while they were still young and productive. We believe that selling animals to other game farmers from which they are able to improve their herd and their business’ success is the right way to ensure our success. Mahathi Game wants to be able to add something to other game breeders herds when they buy our stock.
We have introduced a new breeding bull called Victor. His mother was one of our first cows which measured 36.5″. Victor measured 44″ at just under 5 years. His genetics will build on the platform Kanonkop created.